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Our Story

QuicksortRx Inc was founded by pharmacists and technologists from the Medical University of South Carolina who understand the potential in the hospital pharmacy supply chain and develop solutions to unlocking it. Our company helps safety-net health systems make better decisions and expand care by providing timely, transparent, and actionable insights to pharmacy supply chains.

QuicksortRx software started in 2016 at MUSC as an innovation project for MUSC’s own supply chain. Over years of daily collaboration with pharmacy experts, we created cutting-edge tools to improve workflows and provide high value, low noise decision support for medication purchasing. Our software now helps health systems around the country realize millions of dollars in pharmacy purchase savings without increasing workloads for staff. 

We are proud to work with MUSC and the Foundation for Research and Development to offer our solutions to health systems that share our mission to provide excellent care at lower costs.

Our Leadership Team

Jonathan Yantis

Co-Founder, CEO

Jonathan received a BS in Computer Science from the College of Charleston, and has spent over a decade developing user-centered solutions to complex issues at enterprise health systems.

Matt Hebbard, PharmD

Co-Founder, VP of Pharmacy

Matt has worked in pharmacy information systems and operations for over ten years, most recently focusing on high impact clinical and financial projects at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Michael Francis

Director of Sales

Michael has spent 6 years working with health systems to identify and eliminate inefficiencies across workflows in hospital revenue cycle and pharmacy procurement.

Kyle Lenio

Pharmacy Account Specialist

Kyle is an expert in pharmacy supply chain and hospital-linked retail pharmacy operations. During his 7 years at MUSC, Kyle led the integration of multiple retail pharmacies and the addition of new community hospitals into MUSC’s supply chain.

Joe Wright

Principal Engineer

Joe Wright is a seasoned software engineer with a decade of experience building SaaS and enterprise applications, including healthcare data integration, automation, and user interface development.

Nathan Zorn

Senior Software Engineer

Nathan received a bachelor of science degree from College of Charleston in computer science, and has 21 years of experience developing software, including 13 years providing full stack development at startups.

Emily Cook

Operations Coordinator

Emily has worked in the software industry for over twenty years in a variety of roles including product development, sales, and executive leadership, seeing businesses from the start-up phase through to business maturity.

For media inquiries, please contact us at hello@quicksortrx.com

"Quote from someone about working with Matt and Jonathan. Likely about how great they are."
Human Person— Doer of things at Hospital